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Ketty Lester - Love Letters

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WEST COAST (California West Coast!)- Capitol 1965
Love Letters – 1962 (original by Dick Haynes, 1945) later done by Elvis.
When A Woman Loves A Man – Tower
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

A singer with the CAB CALLOWAY (Minnie The Moocher) Review. Ketty Lester was born Revoyda Frierson in Hope Arkansas in 1934. (Also from Hope, Bill Clinton, was over in England, at the time, probably dancing to this one with the right footwork dodging the Vietnam draft! (and smoking without inhaling.)

Recorded in 1965 ‘West Coast’ was a Soul dancing classic played first at the Brazennose Street Wheel by Roger the DJ. It became a soul perennial through the decade.

LOVE LETTERS (1962) was slower but still a great favourite. As was “WHEN A WOMAN LOVES A MAN” an answer song to Percy Sledge.

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid – RCA – was played but underrated and did not catch on at its time of release, but later was a hit  on the Northern Soul Scene.

Ketty gave up her singing career for film and TV roles. Now she only sings sacred music – so no real change – all Soul music being sacred of course.

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