Joyce Bond

joyce bond - you've been gone too long

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Do The Teasy / Sugar (WIP 6010), 1967 Pink Island

A dance song, quite popular at the Twisted Wheel Manchester and quite a few London Mod scene clubs in the mid 1960's. Both sides got frequently played at the Wheel and The Blue Note in Manchester. The Joe Tex 'B' side “If Sugar Was As Sweet As You” was the original version. This too got lots of plays at the Blue Note. Oh course “Do The Teasy” was gleaned from Prince Buster.

Another of her songs to make big on that original northern scene was:


Obviously influenced by Prince Busters Train To Girls' Town & The Pyramids Train Tour To Rainbow City. Oh and; beep beep:The Ethiopians too with “Train To Skaville. Yes

1967 was a big year for SKA – ROCK STEADY train enthusiasts!

Other tracks from Joyce included – Tell Me What It's All About/Tell Me Right Now (Island WI-3019), 1966, and ¬†Oh Bla de da dozy beaky tich and the other guys' song… only joking.