The Fantastic Johnny C


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Boogaloo Down Broadway (November 1967)
Got What You Need
Hitch It To The Horse
New Love
Don’t Depend On Me (1973)

The Fantastic Boogaloo Down Broadway by The Fantastic Johnny C was simply massive at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel. Johnny C (Johnny Corley) went to the same church as R&B singer producer, Jesse James. He had already converted Cliff Nobles to leave the church gospel scene and did likewise with Johnny.

Fantastic Johnny C on Broadway
Johnny On Broadway

His follow up Look What Love Can Make You Do, is exactly the same as Boogaloo but with different words. Quite a common trick in those days.

He returned eventually to his roots as a gospel singer in church.

Kev Roberts put his 1973 single at 240 on his Top 500.

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