JoAnn Courcy

JoAnn Courcy - I Got The Power

I Got The Power

Well, this track by JoAnn Courcy is certainly a great sound. Good example of all the ingredients for a 1960’s Mod dance track, with great beat, and great girl chorus singing along with JoAnn Courcy. A sort of driving ‘Twirling’ beat. Appropriate as it was released on the Twirl record label.

We missed out on this track in our time on that first Soul Mod scene in England in the 60’s but it has been saved from obscurity by the 70’s Northern Soul crew. although we were importing records from the States in 1967, JoAnn Courcy never appeared on the import lists.

JoAnn Courcy - I Got The Power
JoAnn Courcy – I Got The Power

Kev Roberts puts this great 45 at position 259 on his Top 500.

Kev talks about finding it for 25 Pence but never playing it himself at Wigan Casino as he sold it on to someone else! Eventually though someone did play it and as they say the rest is history, and this great Soul song and artist has been retrieved from total obscurity.

Very rare on the original label and today a valuable piece of vinyl.