Jimmy Conwell – Too Much

Jimmy Conwell - Cigarette Ashes

Too Much

This track by Jimmy Conwell has got that relentless driving beat so loved by the northern soul followers. He sounds very much like Sam Moore – see the track I Thank You. Come to think of it, the whole song sounds a bit like this!

At one time Jimmy Conwell was a member of The Exits.

On this label it’s spelt To Much. Having heard the song this should definitely be Too Much.

Jimmy Conwell - Too Much
Jimmy Conwell – To Much
Cigarettes and Ashes – Instrumental 1966

This track has a slow jazz piano intro, you can just imagine the soulies getting ready to do their thing. Then there’s that beat, there’s that rhythm – there’s that SKATE, then, but no – it’s That Beatin’ Rhythm from Richard Temple.

Now, which came first? It was the instrumental Cigarettes And Ashes. Now here’s the thing. That Beatin’ Rhythm has the same writing team including Jimmy Conwell. They gave it a different title for the vocal version. Richard Temple even sounds like Jimmy Conwell!

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