Jean Knight

Jean Knight - Mr Big Stuff

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Mr Big Stuff – Stax 1971

Born  26th June 1943 – New Orleans, Jean Knight only had one hit but what a whopper! ~Stilled played at weddings an parties to this day. Houston producer Huey Meaux was the first to record Jean Knight.

In 1970 At Malaco Studios in Jackson, MS, she recorded Mr. Big Stuff, for Stax. It became a number two pop hit in the USA. Follow-ups included You Think You’re Hot Stuff.

Mr Big Stuff still gets a lot of airplay today and is an easy choice for lazy TV programme researchers everywhere when making TV concerning big shots. Having said that, it’s a funky sound and VERY catchy.

DO ME – very strange sexual overtones!

Rockin’ Sidney’s Zydeco My Toot Toot Was covered by Jean.

1997 released Shaki de Boo-Tee.