James And Bobby Purify


I Take What I Want

I Don’t Want To Have To Wait – 67′ UK Stateside (but too slow and bluesy for the dancefloor.)

Do Unto Me (1968)
Wish You Didn’t Have To Go – 67′
Shake A Tail Feather
Let Love Come Between Us – 67, Bell
I’m Your Puppet – Sphere Sound USA

I’m Your Puppet“by James And Bobby Purify was played a great deal at The Blue Note club in Manchester at the ending dance-floor smooching sessions. It may have been played mid-week at ‘The Wheel’ but I never heard it at the All-nighter, at which most of the others listed above where. Kev Roberts The Northern Soul DJ and Soul entrepreneur puts “Shake A Tail Feather” at 157 on his Top 500, Yes its great but we also liked the original from The DuTones. In the film The Blues Brothers Ray Charles does a great version and its a wonderful song and dance routine.

So it was a successful version of the Du-Tones SHAKE A TAIL FEATHER (Their version was much easier to obtain at that time in the UK). Formed in 1965 this soul duo were not brothers and consisted of James Purify from Pensacola, Florida, and Robert Lee Dickey from Tallahassee, Florida. DJ Don Don Schroeder was important in their helping their career take off.

I’m Your Puppet was a great recording but as it was a slow ballad so like so many others it was never a popular dance number. However, it got seriously played at the Blue Note club Manchester as the DJ’s there loved it. Soon it took off and became requested often as a close quarters smooch record at the end of the night.

Song Lyrics ‘I’m Your Puppet’  as sung by James and Bobby Purify

Pull the string and I’ll wink at you, I’m your puppet
I’ll do funny things if you want me to, I’m your puppet
Mm. I’m yours to have and to hold
Darling, you’ve got full control of your puppet

Pull them little strings and I’ll kiss your lips, I’m your puppet
Snap your fingers and I’ll turn you some flips, I’m your puppet
Mm, your every wish is my command
All you got to do is wiggle your little hand
I’m your puppet, I’m your puppet

I’m just a toy, just a funny boy
That makes you laugh when you’re blue
I’ll be wonderful, do just what I’m told
I’ll do anything for you

I’m your puppet, I’m your puppet

Just pull them little strings and I’ll sing you a song, I’m your puppet
Make me do right or make me do wrong, I’m your puppet.
Mm, treat me good and I’ll do anything
I’m just a puppet and you hold my string, I’m your puppet

Your walking, talking, kissing, loving puppet
I’m hanging on a string,
I’ll do anything, love you ‘n’ kiss ya

“I Take What I Want” was re- recoded by Same & Dave.

James and Bobby Purify – Wikipedia