J J Barnes

J.J. Barnes - Please Let Me In

Won’t You Let Me Know – Kabel Records 1961
PLEASE LET ME IN – 1965 Ric Tic
Real Humdinger – Ric Tik 110 1966 – Motown UK 1968
BABY PLEASE COME BACK HOME – Groovesville 1967
Now That I’ve Got You Back
Our Love Is In The Pocket – 1968 (Revilott – copy of Darrel Banks)

Real Humdinger  by J. J. Barnes was a cracking track and was played till the grooves wore out but I never heard it at Manchester Soul clubs apart from The Blue Note. A Revilot record that we imported from auction sales lists; due to the fact that we knew that Revilot distributed and recorded Darrel Banks Revilot and Rik Tik all from the same stable. -We obtained anything we could on these labels and yes found in our imported parcel a ‘Real Humdinger’.

It was a copy of the Motown factory style but great none the less. We played it to death at home on our Dansette record player and it was played at the Blue Note and then it got nicked, I think on the same night!

J J Barnes – A Real Humdinger – Popular track at soul clubs in the sixties owing a great deal to that Motown Sound!

J J Barnes

Real HumdingerPlease Let Me In I Ain’t Gonna Do It (TMG 870) was released in 1973 on Motown after it bought up Rik Tik (and I think Revilot too).

Here is a rare 45 from Mr J. J. a fantastic and rare piece of vinyl, originally on a blue label this is a second pressing (re-release 1966) its ‘So Motown’ brill:

J. J. Barnes - Everytime I See You, I Go Wild!


Now we come to – OUR LOVE IS IN THE POCKET – by J J – well Kev Roberts has this at 33 on his Top 500, no harm in that. But we preferred the Darrell Banks Orig. version which was the ‘B’ side of Open The Door To Your Heart. On his version J J shouts out “its So Doggone Good”:  it sure is!

And so is this; Sweet Honey Baby and so is she!

Kev Roberts puts ‘Humdinger’ @ 112 on his Top 500, and PLEASE LET ME IN at 172.


Good version of the Donald Height track.

And what about: Every Time I See You I Go Wild

Glad to say J.J. Barnes is still goin’ after all these years – keep the faith J.J! (1999)

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