The Hesitations

The Hesitations - I'm Not Built That Way

You Can’t Bypass Love

I’m Not Built That Way

The Hesitations released a brilliant track You Can’t Bypass Love in 1966 – which was played in Manchester Soul Clubs. The group came from Cleveland and specialised in putting their own soul spin on popular standards – Born Free, A Whiter Shade Of Pale and The Impossible Dream to give you some idea.

Then they did also in 66′ “I’m Not Built That Way” which we missed entirely, it was an LP track Soul Superman. Its at 230 on the Top 500 Northern Soul tracks from Kev Roberts. It has a baseline beat very similar to Rose Batist’s: Hit And Run.

Soul Superman CD – track listing

01. She Won’t Come Back
02. You’ll Never Know
03. You Can’t By Pass Love
04. I Believe To My Soul
05. That’s What Love Is
06. Soul Superman
07. Soul Kind Of Love
08. I’m Not Built That Way
09. I’ll Be Right There
10. Wait A Minute
11. Soul Superman No. 2
12. Clap Your Hands
13. You Can’t By Pass Love [instrumental]
14. She Won’t Come Back [instrumental]
15. I’ll Be Right There [instrumental]
16. Soul Superman No. 2 [instrumental]
17. That’s What Love Is [instrumental]
18. I’m Not Built That Way [instrumental]

Just buy this CD without Hesitation – we love it!