Helen Shapiro – Stop And You’ll Become Aware

Helen Shapiro - Stop And You Will Become Aware

Stop And You’ll Become Aware – Helen Shapiro

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, Helen Shapiro, being a white, British pop star on our original Soul scene, being as elitist as we were; this song by Helen Shapiro, had no chance. However, on the second Northern Soul scene this made it!

She had a very deep voice and was mainly headed in a pop direction in the early sixties. She first recorded when she was fourteen and appeared on the London Palladium when she was sixteen. No doubt if she had any choice in the matter she would have become more of a jazz singer and later in life sang with Humphrey Lyttleton. She may have given Amy Winehouse a run for her money – who knows? She certainly has kept going over the years and kept to the straight and narrow.

Helen Shapiro - You Don't Know
Helen Shapiro – You Don’t Know

Kev Roberts has it at 286 on his Top 500. But Kev; it’s nothing like Motown or soul despite the fact we have a sneaking regard for Helen Shapiro! To our ears, it is a typical sixties pop song and there were many of the same ilk.

One time she was so big a star that she headlined above the Beatles. Another Jewish girl singer who made it in to the big time.

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