Happy-- William bell --northern soul

Soul music is basically an uplifting type of music, like the blues. Blues music although the tone and lyrics are most often about loss, misery, etc., the effect of the music is in fact uplifting. Even more so with Soul.

Soul lyrics are mainly about emotions and a lot about love ; falling in and out of it. And music for dancing too. Dancing itself is an activity that for all of human history has been associated with healing; when you move to a rhythm, you feel good, feeling good and moving: makes you feel better: HAPPY.

William Bell made a recording called Happy in 1969.

A feel good song from Stax with its new label and logo. This song was a big sound at Manchester’s Blue Note club and Twisted

From William Bell, a long time Stax artist and song writer.

Its a song that also caught on with the next Soul scene in the UK – Northern Soul.

Another one a happy theme was Happy from Andre Williams and his band called Velvet Hammer.               

Then in 2012 we had Pharrell Williams with a huge international hit with:

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Video)