Hank Marr

Hank Marr - White House Party

White House Party/The Out Crowd

Hank Marr was known as the ‘professor’ of the Jazz (Hammond) organ, releasing tracks for King and Federal records in the 1960’s. These included classics such as The Greasy Spoon album.

In 1966 he recorded for Detroit‘s Wingate label – great tracks included: ‘Marr’s Groove’ b/w ‘Stitt’s Groove’ (WIN 011), ‘White House Party’ b/w ‘The Out Crowd’.

Hank Marr - Greasy Spoon
Hank Marr – Greasy Spoon

Interestingly, he featured on Wingate doing the backing track to Edwin Starr‘s Agent 00 Soul. His tracks were played more at the Blue Note Club in Manchester (By Roger Eagle) than at the Twisted Wheel.

It is interesting that so many artists that backed and played on many soul tracks remain obscure. Similar stories to the Motown Funk Brothers surely must exist out there.

Hank Marr, did two great dance numbers – White House Party and The Greasy Spoon, giving him soul status.

Born 30th 1927 – Columbus, Ohio
Died 16th March 2004 – Columbus, Ohio

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