Eddie Bishop – Call Me – Northern Soul?

Eddie Bishop - Call Me

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Call Me

The weird, strange world of Northern Soul includes Call Me by Eddie Bishop:

Kev Roberts is puzzled as to why this was/is popular on the Northern Soul scene. Well, even so I guess for accuracy of the 45’s that influenced and made that second Soul scene. He puts it in at 312 on his Top 500: Really?  

Eddie Bishop – aint No Soul

Amazing; a Tony Hatch song – Petula Clarke, Lulu and many pop artists were involved with this song. It must be one of the most covered songs – ever! (See the list by Secondhand Songs below). At least this is an instrumental. Yes it’s got a nice dance beat but it ain’t half not Soul: no way, no how and would never never, never ever have got played on our original scene. call us Soul elitists? Certainly!

Call Me – List of Versions – SecondHandSongs