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Eddie and Ernie "Time Waits For No One"

Time Waits For No One
I Believe She Will
I Can’t Do It

Time Waits For No One was our favourite in the 60’s from this great Soul duo Eddie and Ernie: Eddie Campbell and Ernie Johnson. The Duo used to be the opening act for Ike And Tina Turners review. But although Ike and Tina did appear at the Twisted Wheel sadly Eric and Ernie didn’t. Ernie Johnson was tragically killed in a hit a run incident in Phoenix in 2005.

Kev Roberts puts “I Can’t Do It” at 260 on his Top 500 of Northern Soul.

Eddie and Ernie – Lost Friends CD Review

Deep soul music is I guess about expressing the most vivid and intense of emotions. So, at one extreme, you almost expect to absorb the deepest soul music when, well, when you feel as if your head’s exploding as you struggle to make sense of the thoughts clouding your brain; the yearning chewing at your insides; the throbbing in your chest; the raw ache in your bones.

So, that was Monday, the Monday after the storms, the day my copy of Lost Friends by Eddie & Ernie arrived. Appropriately enough, for soul doesn’t come any deeper, and god I was in a mess. Today I am calmer, almost relaxed, and Eddie & Ernie still make a special sense, and hit the spot.


The spot, yes the spot where when a piece of music touches and connects something crumbles inside and an astonishing relief is felt. Yes, that’s the cliché.

Well said, on the sleeve notes; and that’s certainly why this duo in 1963 got onto Roger Eagle’s decks at the Brazennose Street Twisted Wheel.

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