The Dontells

The Dontells - In Your Heart

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In Your Heart (You Know I’m Right)- 1965, Vee Jay

The Dontells hailed from the west side of Chicago. They were a close harmony soul group who released some really smoochy tracks. They were originally called The Condors but accidentally changed their name to The Dontells during a radio interview when one of the group members said ‘Don’t Tell’ when asked what the group’s name was!


Nate Pendleton, a Dontell himself has written to us:

‘I am Nate Pendleton and I am a Dontell. released over 16 of our songs and produced many other artists on our 3 labels – Dandy, Donte and Ambassadore.

Member Manuel Seal’s son Manuel Jr. has a Grammy for his songwriting skills. For further Dontell info hear interview at  here:

Dontell Interview

My son, Sean is an aspiring beat maker with many Dandybeats’.

The link Nate has sent us is to – a soul radio station in Chicago with a fabulous series of interviews with RnB and soul legends. Visit it now