The Twisted Wheel – Soul Links

Welcome to the Twisted Wheel – Soul Links on The links are one way of understanding the influence and unchanging importance of this sixties soul club on the foundation of Northern Soul. The Twisted Wheel Club – Wikipedia  Roger Eagle Pete Roberts Soulful Detroit – Twisted Wheel Tony Wilson Rod the Mod at the … Read more

Blackpool Twisted Wheel

The Blackpool Twisted Wheel? Yes, there was a Twisted Wheel club in Blackpool. I remember a group of mods on scooters parked outside who decided that the fashion of the day was to wear school caps. The sight of these guys in parkas and various coloured and striped caps was bizarre will stay with me … Read more

The Twisted Wheel – The New Story

The first night at the very first Twisted Wheel had the Manchester pop group The Karl Denver Trio performing Wimohwey. The club would become famous as the place that started off the movement that became NORTHERN SOUL. By early 1964’with its new DJ Roger Eagle, it was all about the music. One track that was … Read more