The Volumes

Ain’t Gonna Give You Up 1970 a group from Chicago. Andrew Hamilton on All Music: Review of The Volumes by Andrew Hamilton The energetic Volumes were a doo wop group in a soul era. The Detroiters’ stark, uncluttered recordings have always been large among R&B/soul purists because their voices ring out loud and sweet. The 34 … Read more

New Holidays

Maybe So, Maybe No Really great Soul ’45 by New Holidays. It just grows and grows on you the more you hear it.

Philly Devotions

HURT SO BAD A great Soulful Disco version of the brilliant Little Anthony and the Imperials hit by The Philly Devotions. I Just Can’t Say Goodbye is another good track. And: It’s Gotta Be This Way Falsetto voiced Soul sounding much like another Philadelphia group, hmm who could that be: ? An instrumental of Hurt … Read more

The Springers

Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby – re- issue UK 2002 No it’s not the Stevie Wonder song, this by The Springers is quite different and not as good. Apparently this is a very rare thus expensive ’45 on the original Wall label. Sounds like blue eyed Soul to me.

The Commodores

NIGHT SHIFT Brick House Three Times A Lady Easy Sail On The Zoo (The Human Zoo) Skyler Jet was the lead singer with The Commodores together with Lionel Richie, a group member who went solo to gain greater prominence. We love the fantastic Nightshift – a great tribute to Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye. The … Read more

Velvet Hammer

HAPPY (1967) Andre Williams Kev Roberts puts Velvet Hammer into his Top 500 at 384.

Kool and the Gang – Get Down On It

Take My Heart (You Can Have It) (1980) Get Down On It Too popular for the Northern Soul crowd but whatever, this is S O U L. The group was formed in 1964 but, rather like The Drifters, they have undergone many changes in personnel since then! They continue to perform all over the world … Read more