Mother’s Finest

I Can’t Believe (1978) Mother’s Finest had a great female lead singer – Joyce Kennedy – soulful shouter a lot like Tina Turner. She began her singing career in 1963 – thanks in part to Andre Williams. Her first song was Darling I Still Love You. Mother’s Finest opened the bill for many rock bands including … Read more

The Blackbyrds – R&B and Fusion Band

Rock Creek Park (1975) Walking in Rhythm  (1974) The Blackbyrds are a U.S. band playing R&B and fusion. They had a major hit with Walking In Rhythm which gained them a gold disc. Keith Killgo reformed the group in 2012 . The Blackbyrds – Wikipedia

The Harvey Averne Dozen

Never Learned To Dance Accept Me Think It Over The Harvey Averne Dozen was formed by Harvey Averne an American record producer and founder of Coco Records. Very much influenced by latin music

The Cosmic Sound Orchestra

Listen To The Beat (1978 Instrumental) The Cosmic Sound Orchestra were a German instrumentalist¬†Soul and Funk group.

The Quantic Soul Orchestra

End Of The Road In 2007 Spanky Wilson made a song with The Quantic Soul Orchestra – I’m So Thankful.¬†William Holland is the DJ and musician, DJ and record producer, from Bewdley, Worcestershire England who started the Quantic Soul Orchestra. Recorded with numerous singers including the fab;Alice Russell – Pushin’ On. Quantic Soul Orchestra – Wikipedia

The Roc-Kays Band

A Love As True As Mine The Roc-Kays Band The Roc-Kays Band – Sir Shambling

Mel Wynn & The Rhythm Aces – Stop Sign

Stop Sign Rapid The song by Stop Sign Mel Wynn & The Rhythm Aces has got that rapid beat loved by Northern Soul dancers. Love the girly sounding male chorus. A sixties white band with a black singer in the U.S. – way ahead of their time. Billy Angelo Stella