Horace Andy

Show And Tell Horace Andy covered one of our favourite songs by Al Wilson. It’s given the Ska Bluebeat Reggae treatment and not too bad either. He is a respected singer in Jamaica and have recorded several tracks with Massive Attack. His origins are Jamaican and he is a Rastfarian. Horace Andy

Al Brown

No Love (in_the_Heart_of_the_City) Well of course we certainly knew this Ain’t No Love – from Bobby Bland. This version by Al Brown is a Ska/Reggae ┬átake on it. WIKI – Ain’t No Love

Bob Marley

Bob Marley was the legendary reggae singer, composer and musician who died at the untimely age of 36. In the early years of Blue Beat, Ska and Rock Steady, there were many releases that were covers of U.S. soul and R&B hits. One of our favourites, People Get Ready by the Impressions, was given the … Read more

Blue Beat and Ska

Blue Beat and Ska – It originated in Jamaica: late fifties early sixties – and gave birth to reggae, it soon came to Britain and if it were to have an alternative name – you might as well call it PRINCE BUSTER! In the early 1960s in the UK early Blue Beat and Ska was … Read more

Hopeton Lewis

This Music Got Soul (1967) This is the ‘B’ side of Rocksteady and is by Hopeton Lewis. In Manchester in the late sixties Blue Beat, SKA and Rocksteady and that Rude Boy stuff was mainly played in the West Indian clubs in Moss Side: The Nile Club and others (Shabeens). The only places that did … Read more

Jewel Akens

The Birds and The Bees Who is Laurel Aitken in relation to Jewel Akens? Strange that both names are so similar and they both recorded the same song The Birds And The Bees. A hit in 1965, The Birds and the Bees, with its bouncing riff got to number three on the USA Billboard pop … Read more

Lord Kitchener

Dr Kitch – Lord Kitchener – “I cannot stand the sight of your needle” – from one of Ska and Calypso’s legends. First played by Roger Eagle at ‘The Wheel’ in 64′ and covered by Georgie Fame. Of course it was this man who kicked of the popularity of Jamaican music in Britain – with … Read more