Phyllis Dillon

Phyllis Dillon - "Perfidia" (Official Audio)

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Make Me Yours

Phyllis Dillon gives Betty Swan‘s original the Ska/Blue Beat treatment: nice.

Don’t Stay Away (Doctor Bird)

Perfidia (1967)

Of course these 45’s were played at the ONLY club in Manchester town centre that featured Jamaican music in the late 60’s – The Blue Note. DL was the DJ doin’ the deed.

Wrong spelling on LP.

Bob And Marcia

Bob & Marcia - Young, Gifted and Black - HQ

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Bob & Marcia recorded a hit Jamaican sound call it SKA Rock Steady Blue Beat or Reggae or whatever, this style of music was made popular in England in the early sixties at Jamaican clubs and Shabeen’s (illegal drinking houses). A very popular set of sounds at London clubs like the 100 and The Flamingo – where Georgie Fame took on the style of SKA alongside his Blues and Soul influences. “Young Gifted And Black just said it all in 1970; the genre had emerged into full popularity from its hidden roots in hip clubs of the sixties. Even the ‘B’ side Pied Piper became a hit.

It was even released on Motown in the USA and also spawned an instrumental derivative.


In Manchester it was a sound made popular at the Twisted Wheel by Roger Eagle, with records such as Prince Busters All Stars with Al Capone being eternally popular on that Soul scene! And then re-introduced as a major theme at The Blue Note club.

In the seventies this music style, mostly started by Prince Buster, in the sixties, was then made even more popular by Bob Marley. A lot of chart hits by various artists followed and another interesting duet combination was the great new style from Althea and Donna: with UPTOWN TOP RANKING – giving the style a modern upbeat and unique approach and keeping up a tradition in SKA sounds of duet recordings.

Wikipedia: Bob and Marcia

Stranger And Patsy

Stranger Cole & Patsy / When You Call My Name ---(Duke Reid)

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When You Call My Name

Patsy Todd and Stranger Cole on Blue Beat were popular at Manchester’s Nile Club (Mosside) and also at the only Manchester city centre club that included Rock Steady SKA and Blue Note alongside its Soul music focus.

Wikipedia: Stranger Cole

Dandy Livingstone

Dandy Livingstone - Suzanne Beware of the Devil (Official Audio)

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Huge track at both; The Blue Note and The Twisted Wheel. It was all about dem Rude Boys in Jamaica. And an even bigger hit in the 80’s when the Specials caught that SKA ROCK STEADY BLUE BEAT.

Wikipedia: Dandy Livingstone

Theophilus Beckford

Theo Beckford - Jack & Jill Shuffle - blue beat 33 shuffle ska

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Jack And Jill Shuffle

Another Blue Beat 45 from the Blue Note Manchester.

Dave And Ansell Collins

Dave & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel (Official Audio)

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Double Barrel This was played at the Blue Note in Manchester, a big chart hit too and by 1970 it was the premier club for SKA and Blue Beat, and I even heard it played at a Twisted wheel all-nighter.