Phil Spector – Mad Man or Magician?

Phil Spector, studio producer, song writer, record label owner and convicted murderer has left an indelible mark on the entire music industry. He has been recorded saying himself that he thought he might actually be insane and some of the history of this mega influence on pop make you wonder if he was right. His first … Read more

Richard ‘Popcorn’ Wylie

Song writer and record producer. Did you notice the writer’s name?¬†And the producer’s name? a mark of excellence Richard ‘Popcorn’ Wylie, nothing he did was ever bad, if we could find records with his name on them we would try to buy, borrow, import or steal them. Due to knowing this name we bought an … Read more

David Gest

David Gest was a friend of Michael Jackson (not something to mention these days…) and fully immersed Soul fanatic; so that made him a real good guy in our opinion. Lived in England and was a live Soul show promoter. These shows were great, and David Gest certainly added to the entertainment with his informative … Read more

Berry Gordy

Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records. Love him or loathe him, this man had a dream and the drive to convert it into a reality – probably the most well known record label – ever. Facts: Started out writing and co-writing songs for Jackie Wilson His first record company was JOBETE MUSIC Inc. Started the … Read more

Cholly Atkins

Cholly Atkins was the Motown Dance Master- a dancer and choreographer who worked extensively with Tamla Motown artists to produce many of the slick routines that were there trademark and influenced dancing styles in soul clubs around the world.

Strange World Of Northern Soul

The Strange World Of Northern Soul Sad to see all these artists so old but that’s what time is doing to us all. Although lengthy and sometimes repetitive this box set is really great. Full of all sorts of information and performances the only goes to prove how crazy we all are about this music … Read more

Mickey Stevenson – Motown producer and songwriter

Mickey Stevenson – William ‘Mickey’ Stevenson was a Motown Producer and Song Writer – he wrote ‘Jamie’ for Eddie Holland, Dancing In The Street for Martha and The Vandellas. Motown Songwriters Mickey Stevenson – Wikipedia

Jerry Wexler

Atlantic Record Producer Jerry Wexler produced the Drifters from 1953 as well as Ray Charles and many others on the Atlantic label. Jerry Wexler brought Aretha Franklin to Atlantic and produced many of her greatest tracks: I Never Loved A Man, RESPECT etc. He was also responsible for Atlantic’s takeover of STAX.

Ian Levine

Record producer, Soul DJ, life long Doctor Who fan and songwriter. Much of what Ian Levine plays on the Mixcloud these days is definitely rare – that essential ingredient of Northern that often obscures quality especially if its more readily available; but that’s what Northern Soul tends to revolve around. On his Mixcloud site he … Read more

Guy Stevens

Guy Stevens was Sue Records UK Chris Blackwell hired Guy Stevens to run Sue in April 1964. Guy Stevens first came to the fore when he got a gig as a DJ at The Scene, a small basement club in Ham Yard, a cobble-stoned cul-de-sac off Great Windmill Street directly opposite the famed Windmill Theatre. … Read more