MODS and Soul

Mods and Soul went together like peaches and cream. Mods were a youth fashion and style movement that started in the 1960s in London England: the Mods adopted SOUL music as their own music. In those days Soul was underground and this had great appeal to Mods who were arrogant and had real attitude when … Read more

The Yardbirds

Good Morning Little School Girl – Columbia 1964 I Ain’t Got You I Wish You Would (Orig. Billy Boy Arnold) 1964 Evil Hearted You 1965 Heart Full Of Soul For Your Love Shapes Of Things – 1966 I’m a Man Over Under Sideways Down The Yardbirds were among the first wave of UK original white … Read more

The VIPs

I Wanna Be Free – Island 1966 The VIPs were a UK Mod group produced by Chris Blackwell which appeared at lots of London clubs but never made it to the Twisted Wheel, although this single was played there. They originated from Carlisle.

The Action

The Action were originally a Mod group in the mould of The Small Faces (but without the success) that appeared at the Twisted Wheel in 1965. The Action – Wikipedia

RSG – Ready Steady Go

RSG – Ready Steady Go – A Mod on a scooter tears off at the traffic lights, with a motorbike at the side. Pipeline by the Chantays starts to play… the Scooter and the Bike arrive at the London Weekend TV Studios. Its Friday night. It’s 7 pm. The weekend Starts here. One intro was … Read more

Small Faces

WHAT CHA GONNA’ DO ABOUT IT- 1965 Sha-La-La-La-Lee – 1966 All Or Nothing The ultimate Mod band, The Small Faces played live at the Twisted Wheel, where they had a large following due to their Mod credibility. The audience looked exactly like the group on stage except most of the lads in the audience with … Read more

The Brian Auger Trinity

This Wheel’s On Fire The Brian Auger Trinity were a regular act at the original Twisted Wheel on Brazennose Street, Manchester who was responsible for nurturing several performers who went on to become very successful. The Brian Auger Trinity were a regular act at the original Twisted Wheel on Brazennose Street, Manchester. Brian Auger was … Read more

Bobby Garrett

Bobby Garrett played steel guitar. He composed Rose City Chimes in 1958. A session musician. But is it the same guy who made this record that made it on the Northern scene? Re released on KENT originally on Mirwood. Born 22nd March 1935 – Dallas, Texas Died 24 April 1999 – Tyler, Texas