Budos Band

The Budos Band "Eastbound"

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Eastbound (2005) Instrumental

The Budos Band formed in 2005 and provide an African beat to a soul sound.

Wikipedia: The Budos Band

Budos Band Web

The Diplomats of Solid Soul

Diplomats of Solid Sound - Soul Connection - Live in the Studio (official video)

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Plenty Nasty

The Diplomats of Solid Soul were an excellent band – did a very nice cover version of B-A-B-Y (orig by Carla Thomas).

Diplomats Of Solid Sound


Hurt Me So – Afro Mix

Part of the group are the sing along girls – The Diplometts:

 Diplomettes - Pic
Wikipedia: The Diplomats of Solid Soul

Lighthouse Family

Lighthouse Family - High (Official Video)

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Lighthouse Family are a British duo who formed in 1993, stayed together until the early 2000s and then reformed in 2019.

Wikipedia: The Lighthouse Family


Quadron "Slippin"

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Sort of nice Japanese styled song by Quadron.

Alt+/RnB new styled – Soul?

Who knows, who cares; great song, great tune, great arrangement, and she has a great sexy voice.

Sea Salt

Sort of like an Alt-Sade. Her name is: Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj, she is from Denmark.



Billy Valentine

No Better Than This

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Ja Miss Me

Billy Valentine was born in 1926. Great R&B singer and musician. He also recorded as Billy Vee.

Wikipedia: Billy Valentine

Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse - Indian Love Call

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Indian Love Call

Some great sounds of sixties style R&B and Soul from Nick Waterhouse

Wikipedia: Nick Waterhouse

The Sweet Vandals

Sweet Vandals - Do It Right

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Do It Right  (2008)

The Sweet Vandals are a great Spanish outfit that did at least one great album; mainly sixties and seventies Soul styles .Do It Right kicks off with only a drum set for backing, then a guitar riff joins in, as things go higher great Hammond organ frenzy joins in: wow this is just great!

Wikipedia: The Sweet Vandals

Rachel And The Soul Criminals

Rachel & The Soul Criminals - Do Your Worst

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Crying In The Rain
Plain & Simple

Rachel And The Soul Criminals

Shawn Lee

Shawn Lee - Jigsaw

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JIGSAW (2009)

Shawn Lee released Jigsaw in 2009. Very modern and very reminiscent of the sixties Soul sound. A really great recording by instrumentalist Shawn Lee and on this song from the really great album: SOUL IN THE HOLE  featuring Nicole Willis.

Noora Noor

Noora Noor - Forget what I said

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Someone You Use
Forget What I Said

Soulful and Bluesy a great album from Noora Noor.

Noora Noor

Wikipedia: Noora Noor