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Latin Music – Latin Soul made a presence in the original Soul music scene in Manchester and London, due to the Mods affection for Latin rhythms in certain songs.

The Drifters made several Latin styled recordings. Down In Mexico Brasil – these are obvious but others used many Latin rhythms like He’s Just A Playboy and many others.

Spanish Harlem from ex Drifters lead singer Ben E. King is a perfect example; and produced by Phil Spectre.

La Lupe’s version of Fever was brilliant. Desafinado from Stan Getz – okay its Latin Jazz, but with Soul. Astrud Gilberto; we fell in love with that voice and that song: The Girl From Ipanema.

Soul Sauce by Cal Tjader was played the first week that Roger Eagle became the Twisted Wheel DJ and of course he played his LP version, but the single, speeded up as a dance record soon took prminance and continues today on the Northern Soul scene as a staple of the Latin Soul tradition.

Sergio Mendez and Brasil 66 with Mas Que Nada was frequently played at the Twisted Wheel and then re-surfaced at the Blue Note.

The Blendells latinized somewhat their version of Stevie Wonder’s La La La La La and The High Keyes with Que Sera Sera are great Soul Latin hits on our scene. But one that is fully Latin is Hey, Leroy Your Mamma Is Calling from The Jimmy Caster Bunch – which to my certain knowledge was only played at The Blue Note club in Manchester.

Other high ranking contributors are:

Ray Barretto

Ray Rodriguez

Dee Felice

Clarence Wheeler

Twenty Masterpieces of LATIN SOUL – collated by SIRSHAMBLING

Do You Feel It – Ray Pollard

Latin Soul Wiki

Ray Rodriguez and his Orchestra

Guaguanco Tropical - Ray Rodriguez And His Orchestra ( New York - 1968 )

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Delusions (1969)

Latin Jazz / Soul from Ray Rodriguez and his Orchestra. There has always been a liking of Latin Jazz and Latin Soul on our music scene right from the very beginning at the Twisted Wheel with ’45s such as Soul Source from Cal Tjader.

This one is great. Very Cuban. Somewhat Brazilian and with a little of Cal’s Soul Sauce.

Ray Rodriguez and his Orchestra

Wikipedia: Ray Rodriguez and his Orchestra

Bobby Valentin

Bobby Valentin - Use It Before You Lose It

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Use It Before You Lose It

Salsa Soul from Bobby Valentin.


Dee Felice Trio

Dee Felice Trio - In Heat - 1969 (full album; produced by James Brown)

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There Was A Time

Dee Felice Trio – In the style of the Ramsey Lewis Trio this one recorded on James Brown‘s label and this instrumental is a version of JB’s: There Was A Time.

A Bossa Nova Jazz Soul group, and it’s a fact that at the Twisted Wheel there were quite a few Brazilian and Latin style records played.

This trio backed JB on his Getting Down To It album.

Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader - Latin Kick (1958) Full vinyl LP

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SOUL SAUCE – (Guachi Guara)

Cal Tjader (pronounced Yayder) basically a jazz band leader – cut Soul Sauce which became popular at the original Twisted Wheel in Brazennose Street and his tracks were also played at the Whitworth Street Twisted Wheel and at The Blue Note Club, also in Manchester.

Cal Tjader

 Tabasco and caipirinha!

Cal Tjader was a jazz xylophone/vibes player with a salsa Brazilian rhythm.

In 1949, Dave Brubeck hired him for his trio and Tjader recorded several albums with him. In 1953 he performed on the vibes with George Shearing.

In 1954, He recorded many Latin LPs In 1963 he was at Verve records with Claus Ogermann. 1962 Soul Sauce (Guachi Guara) was a small hit in the USA charts.

Latin music stars who played with him over the years included Candido, Armando Peraza, Eddie Palmieri, and Tito Puente. He became one of the fathers of what was known as acid jazz.

His Concord album, La Onda Va Bien won a Grammy award in 1979.

Born 16th July 1925 St. Louis, Missouri

Real name Callen R. Tjader

Died 5th May 1982 Manila, Philippines

Stan Getz

Stan Getz Quartet: Desafinado + Girl from Ipanema

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The Girl From Ipanema Featuring Astrud Gilberto on vocals – (every young man’s fancy in 1963 and quite a few old ones!)

Early days at the Brazennose Street Wheel – quite a few Jazz tracks were played including Stan Getz. DJ Roger Eagle was quite keen on lots of different sounds and Latin/Brazilian music was often played. the most lasting being ‘Soul Sauce’ By Cal Tjader. Stan Getz brought Jazz Samba rhythms into the pop charts.
Stanley Getz was born in Philadelphia (Feb 2 1927 and died June 2 1991) A jazz saxophonist and bandleader, Stan Getz appeared in the film Get Yourself a College Girl (1965). But the best girl to have in 63 would have  been Astrud.

Song Lyrics: The Girl From Ipanema ( J Gilberto)

Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes
goes “A-a-a-h”
When she walks she’s like a samba

When she walks, she’s like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gentle
That when she passes, each one she passes
goes “A-a-a-h”
Oh, but I watch her so sadly
How can I tell her I love her
Yes, I would give my heart gladly
But each day as she walks to the sea
She looks straight ahead, not at me

Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, I smile, but she
doesn’t see. She just doesn’t see
No, she just doesn’t see…

Wikipedia: Stan Getz

Sergio Mendez

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - The Fool On The Hill (1968)

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Fool On The Hill (Beatles)
The Look Of Love

Sergio Mendez – Brazilian jazz influenced sounds, (Bossa Nova/Salsa) “Mas Que Nada” sung in Portuguese by the beautiful Karen Philipp (Gracinha Leporace). Mas Que Nada means ‘Oh Come On’ and speaks of the Macumba – The Santeria (the all white dressed magic cult found in the tenements and back street houses of Rio). Strange name too as Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 and Mendes is another name for the ‘Devil’! It was played at the Twisted Wheel, but was far more popular at the Blue Note where they also played the other two tracks listed above.

Latin music was liked by soul fans – the other more popular track on the soul scene being Cal Tjader‘s Soul Sauce.

Wikipedia: Sergio Mendez

Ricardo Ray

Ricardo Ray - Nitty Gritty.

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NITTY GRITTY – Roulette 1967

Ricardo Ray is another of the Puerto Rican musicians who was born in New York.

Ricardo Ray

An all-time great Latin-soul track. In fact a cover of the Shirley Ellis classic The Nitty Gritty.

Jimmy Castor

Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte

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The Bertha Butt Boogie

1956 Jimmy Castor started as a doo wop singer and a saxophonist in New York. He also was a song writer and his first recording ‘I Promise to Remember’ was in the ‘Juniors’. In 1957 He took over as lead with the Teenagers after Frankie Lymon left. He was also the Sax solo player on Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez’s ‘Rinky Dink”

Jimmy Castor - Hey Leyroy

In 1966 Hey Leroy, Your Mama’s Calling was a fair hit in the USA – released later in the UK it did nothing in the charts but was a hit at the Wheel and Blue Note clubs in Manchester, wich also played that Bertha Butt Boogie.

1972 The Jimmy Castor Bunch signed to RCA and released:  It’s Just Begun”, ‘Troglodyte”,

‘The Bertha Butt Boogie’, a minor hit,  ‘E-Man Boogie’, ‘King Kong’, ‘Bom Bom’,’Amazon.’

1988 he re – did Barbara Acklin‘s; ‘Love Makes a Woman’  with Joyce Sims.

Ray Barretto

Ray Barretto - Margie (Audio Oficial)

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El Watusi – Columbia UK, 1963

Ray Barretto had a Puerto Rico cultural background although he was born in New York. He played the Congas. El Watusi was another Latin influenced track that like Cal Tjader’s Soul Sauce was popular for a time at the Twisted Wheel. And refreshed again at The Blue Note.

(Soul Sauce was popular for the entire 60’s decade at the Wheel and Blue Note.)

SOUL DRUMMERS – just brilliant.

Born 29th April 1929 – Brooklyn, New York

Died 17th February 2006 – Hackensack, New Jersey

Wikipedia: Ray Barretto