Spooners Crowd

Spooners Crowd Two in the morning

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TWO IN THE MORNING - Spooners Crowd

Two In The Morning

Yet another Twisted Wheel all-nighter instrumental, it drove us mad, because it was a derivative of Green Onions from Booker T And The MG’s: we couldn’t find a copy anywhere. But yes; Roger Eagle had it, from that record rondevous on Blackfriers Street just next to the bridge over the lovely Irwell. And it was played at 2 a.m. at the ‘Old’ Wheel (Brazennose Street.)

Mor about all the recordings from CHESS see DereksBlog

The Delights Orchestra

The Delights Orchestra - King Of The Horse

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The Delights Orchestra released this great Instrumental – soul sometimes seems to have had a horse obsession. This funk track was released in 1968. They were a six piece white band and that’s as much as we know. Oh, except, of course, that this track was a direct rip-off of The Horse.

Original of course was from Cliff Nobles, or was it, there is another Horse from Wilburt Harrison. Then there is The Fantastic Johnny C – with Hitch It To The Horse.

Freddy Robinson

FREDDIE ROBINSON - Black Fox - 1969

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Black Fox – Instrumental. 1969 LP track issued as a single in USA.

Freddy Robinson was a guitarist who played with most of the best in his day including Ray Charles, Bobby Bland and Howlin’ Wolf. His is the guitar on Spoonful. He sometimes displayed a jazz feel in his playing

Guardian Obituary

Johnny Rodgers

Johnny Rodgers - Make A Change

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Make A Chance

Johnny Rodgers is a singer and pianist, song writer and Broadway star. His usual specialty is in love songs. However, Make A Chance is a fabulous soul track, well worth a listen.

Wikipedia: Johnny Rodgers (singer)

Puccio Roelens

Puccio Roelens - Research Of Sound (1976, Edipan - SML102)

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Research Of Sound

Good instrumental from Puccio Roelens, and Italian (the only one on this website?) pianist, composer and record producer. Odd title for a track, maybe lost something in translation!

Ripple – The Beat Goes On And On

Ripple ‎-- The Beat Goes On And On 1977

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The Beat Goes On An On (1977)

Wikipedia: Ripple (Band)

Ripple The Beat Goes On And On in 1977. Not to be confused with the Sonny and Cher song which – has got a great beat and R&B style of the early sixties, and it was played at the first Twisted Wheel The Beat Goes On 1964 version.

Just to remind you how good that was:

Sonny and Cher: The beat goes on (HQ Version)

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Twilight is a really great and groovy instrumental by Maze, featuring, Frankie Beverly.


Billy Arnell

Billy Arnell Tough Girl

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Tough Girl instrumental

Billy Arnell