King Solomon

king solomon - separation

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The bass line on this recording by King Solomon owes much to SHIMMY SHIMMY WALK by The Megatons. Nothing known about King Solomon himself, despite taking such a high sounding name.

King Solomon – Separation

MADER – D is a subsidiary of MONEY Records. You can get this track on the CD:


Its an excellent compilation everyone a gem with fantastic production on each track.

The Bar-Kays

Soul Finger - Bar-Kays (1967)

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The Bar-Kays were Otis Redding’s tour backing band, on loan at the time as they usually backed William Bell. Four of the original line up tragically died when they were accompanying Otis on his last trip, the plane they were travelling in crashed into Lake Monona.

The Bar-Kays released two singles in 1967 and both sides were popular at soul dance clubs, Soul Finger becoming an R n B chart success.

The Bar-Kays

FORMED: 1966, Memphis, TN

Four of the original group founders were killed in a 1967 plane crash with Otis Redding. Guitarist Jimmy King, organist Ronnie Caldwell, drummer Carl Cunningham, and saxaphone player Phalon Jones all perished with Otis, leaving trumpeter Ben Cauley and bassist James Alexander to re-form the group. In 1976 they had minor hits with one being Shake Your Rump to the Funk on Mercury.

The Bar-Kays Wikipedia

Spooners Crowd

Spooners Crowd Two in the morning

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TWO IN THE MORNING - Spooners Crowd

Two In The Morning

Yet another Twisted Wheel all-nighter instrumental, it drove us mad, because it was a derivative of Green Onions from Booker T And The MG’s: we couldn’t find a copy anywhere. But yes; Roger Eagle had it, from that record rondevous on Blackfriers Street just next to the bridge over the lovely Irwell. And it was played at 2 a.m. at the ‘Old’ Wheel (Brazennose Street.)

Mor about all the recordings from CHESS see DereksBlog

The Delights Orchestra

The Delights Orchestra - Do Your Thing

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The Delights Orchestra released this great Instrumental – soul sometimes seems to have had a horse obsession. This funk track was released in 1968. They were a six piece white band and that’s as much as we know. Oh, except, of course, that this track was a direct rip-off of The Horse.

Original of course was from Cliff Nobles, or was it, there is another Horse from Wilburt Harrison. Then there is The Fantastic Johnny C – with Hitch It To The Horse.

Freddy Robinson

FREDDIE ROBINSON - Black Fox - 1969

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Black Fox – Instrumental. 1969 LP track issued as a single in USA.

Freddy Robinson was a guitarist who played with most of the best in his day including Ray Charles, Bobby Bland and Howlin’ Wolf. His is the guitar on Spoonful. He sometimes displayed a jazz feel in his playing

Guardian Obituary

Johnny Rodgers

Johnny Rodgers - Make A Change

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Make A Chance

Johnny Rodgers is a singer and pianist, song writer and Broadway star. His usual speciality is in love songs. However, Make A Chance is a fabulous soul track, well worth a listen.

Johnny Rodgers Band

He has also acted as an Ambassador of American Music for the US State Department. He also heads the Johnny Rodgers Band and often they play Billy Joel songs.

Johnny Rodgers - Make A Chance
Johnny Rodgers – Make A Chance

Johnny Rogers – Wikipedia

Johnny Rodgers Website

Puccio Roelens

Puccio Roelens - Research Of Sound - vinyl lp album 2021 reissue - Sounds From The Screen – SFTS01

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Research Of Sound

Good instrumental from Puccio Roelens, and Italian (the only one on this website?) pianist, composer and record producer. Odd title for a track, maybe lost something in translation!

Ripple – The Beat Goes On And On

Ripple ‎-- The Beat Goes On And On 1977

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The Beat Goes On An On (1977)

Ripple – Wikipedia

Ripple The Beat Goes On And On in 1977. Not to be confused with the Sonny and Cher song which – has got a great beat and R&B style of the early sixties, and it was played at the first Twisted Wheel The Beat Goes On 1964 version.

Just to remind you how good that was:

Sonny and Cher: The beat goes on (HQ Version)

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Twilight is a really great and groovy instrumental by Maze, featuring, Frankie Beverly.