Willie and West

DON'T Throw Away These TBC Items, They Are Still Great In WotLK Classic

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Get Away From Me Girl (1970)

Willie and West

Bob and Gene

Bob & Gene - I Can Be Cool

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I Can Be Cool
If This World Were Mine

Bob and Gene

Bob & Gene

Williams & Watson – Larry Williams and Johnny Watson

Larry Williams and Johnny Watson - Too Late

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Too Late
A Quitter Never Wins

The teaming up of two great artists for two great recordings, Williams & Watson – Larry Williams and Johnny Watson. They toured together and appeared together at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel and performed these live.

Larry Williams and Johnny (guitar) Watson:

Larry Williams & Johnny Watson Two Cadilacs

SATURDAY 3rd APRIL 1965 they appeared at The TWISTED WHEEL

Larry Williams – All-nighterKnown as rock and roll and recorded in the late fifties in New Orleans with Specialty Records: “Bony Moronie”, “Short Fat Fannie”, “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” these were R&B and greatly appreciated by the Wheel crowd.
  Too Late – Larry Williams & Johnny Watson together
Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson – All-nighterThey did a single – ‘Too Late’ which has become a huge ‘Northern Soul hit.

The Casanova Two

The Casanova Two - We Got To Keep On

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We Gotta Keep On

The Casanova Two

The Freeman Brothers

Freeman Brothers Online Remembrance Service 2021

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My Baby
You Got Me On A String
I’m Counting On You

Oh, Yes; The Freeman Brothers have got Soul.

Find out about them @ SirShambling

Will Collins and Will Power

Wil Collins & Willpower Anything i can do

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 Anything I Can Do
Where You Gonna Be Tonight
She’s Hot

Will Collins and Will Power disco jazzy Soul. And Anything I Can Do is on Kev Roberts Top 500 at 363.

The Patterson Twins

The Patterson Twins - Back In Love Again

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Back In Love Again (1973)

Gonna Find A True Love

Its a constant theme; this falling in, then out, then in Love again in all types of music. Its emotions. Its Soul. Patterson Twins Bio.

Frankie and Johnny


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I’ll Hold You (1966)

Some people were a bit sniffy about this duet couple, I think its great. So does Kev Roberts he puts it in his Top 500 at position 203.

The Soul Twins

The Soul Twins - Quick Change Artist

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Quick Change Artist