BB King

B B King was one of the last of the great blues performers. The tracks featured were favourites in soul clubs in Manchester in the sixties. B B King was a blues man that has made it  on the popular entertainment circuit, unlike most of his influences and contemporaries. He constantly appears in live TV shows and featured … Read more

Albert King – Blues Legend

CROSS CUT SAWBORN UNDER A BAD SIGNCOLD FEETI LOVE LUCYLAUNDROMAT BLUES These tracks by Albert King and and many others were always to be heard at the Blue Note Club, Manchester. Albert’s style was a firm favourite there. Although Albert King’s music was sometimes played at the Twisted Wheel, this location mainly went for the … Read more

Kip Anderson

A Knife And A Fork (1967) Yet another of those great Blusey R&B tracks made at Chess this time by Kip Anderson. Kip Anderson– Wikipedia

Al Perkins And Betty Bibbs

Homework The original of this song by Al Perkins And Betty Bibbs, although written by Al Perkins was by Otis Rush and was a great favourite of Roger Eagle the DJ at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel in the Brazennose Street period.

Don Hart & James Shorter

I Shed A Tear Don Hart & James Shorter – Duet Soul ballad. James Shorter a blues singer – My Mother Died And Left Me.

Timmy Shaw

Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (A City Slick) (1964) The Animals made this song popular in the mid 60’s but this by Timmy Shaw is the original! The Animals version was  – Gonna Send You Back To Walker –  referring to  a part of Newcastle (UK) where they came from. Timmi Shaw – Wikipedia

Dean And Jean

Thread Your Needle I Wanna Be Loved An obvious take on Hi Heel Sneakers by Dean And Jean, but no less good for that, this baseline was copied as a sort of standard for many bluesy type records and styles all influenced by the great Mr Tommy Tucker. Dean And Jean – Wikipedia

Geater Davis

Sad Shades Of Blue (1972) I’m Gonna Change Geater Davis sang very much in the style of Bobby ‘ Blue’ Bland – deep Bluesy Soul.

British Blues

In the early 1960’s there was a boom in blues music both from the US and home grown – British Blues. The Twisted Wheel in Manchester club played an important role in its popularisation. It was Alexis Korner who had been in the Chris Barber Band along with others like John Mayall who were the leading lights in preaching the Blues. … Read more

Clarence Gatemouth Brown

CROSS MY HEART – Chess 1965 Born  18th April 1924 – Vinton, LA Died  10th September 2005 – Orange, Texas Clarence Gatemouth Brown was an eclectic artist who could turn his hand to most types of music, including the blues. His nearest present day equivalent would probably be Taj Mahal.