Migil 5

Mockin’ Bird Hill – Pye 1964 The Migil 5 were a very early British attempt at SKA, big hit in 1964, and played quit a lot at the Old Wheel. They were the original backing group for Lennie Peters, the blind singer and less photogenic half of the easy listening duo, Peters and Lee: Welcome … Read more

Lloyd Terrel

Bang Bang Lulu – Pama 1968 Lulu Returns – Pama 1968 Lloyd Chalmers of the Chalmers did this number under aa pseudonym, Lloyd Terrel, probably because of its very risky lyrics. (Info: thanks to Peter Piper of Germany) – Lloyd Chalmers (The Chalmers) – recorded Bang Bang Lulu under the name of Lloyd Terrel. However, … Read more

The Folkes Brothers

Carolina Often copied but the original was by The Folkes Brothers. “Oh Carolina you get on my nerves, I’ve heard you so often more than your Blue Beat deserves. Oh Carolina I guess you had the right curves to charm the Prince and the Brothers. But I am not one of your lovers, so leave … Read more

Eric Morris

Eric Morris‘ Drumbago All Stars were Byron Lee and the Dragonairs under a different name – Eric Morris was the lead singer with Byron Lee’s Band.The Humpty Dumpty track was produced by Prince Buster. Oil In My Lamp was often to be heard at several Manchester Soul Clubs. Blue Beat and Ska were very popular … Read more

Derrick Morgan

Tougher than Tough Derrick Morgan was from the era of The Skatelites, Prince Buster and all the other pioneers of reggae and bluebeat. This interview with Derrick Morgan conducted by David Rodigan, was broadcast on Kiss 100fm in London on 20th May 2001. Derrick Morgan Interview When did you start being involved with music? I … Read more

Derrick And Patsy

Housewife’s Choice Gypsy Woman – 1962 Derrick and Patsy were a reggae duo – Derrick Morgan and Patsy Todd. Gypsy Woman was an excellent cover of Curtis Mayfield’s song and was played often at Manchester Mod and Soul clubs.

Coxsone Dodd

Real Name   Clement Seymour Dodd  Died  4th May 2004 – Kingston Jamaica ‘Sir’ – Jamaican sound system operator and cricketer. Went to Florida and loved R ‘n B music so much https://www.rossitchpediatricdentistry.com/buy-depakote-online/ that when he returned to Jamaica, set up his own sound business playing American imports before forming his own record company to record Jamaican … Read more

Byron Lee

Dumplins – Blue Beat 1960 Humpty Dumpty – Jamaica Ska – Parlophone 1964 (With Byron Lee and Band) Night Train From Jamaica – MGM 1964 BYRON LEE AND THE DRAGONAIRES – The first Jamaican band leader to achieve international success: Byron Lee recorded the same titles under the names: The Ska Kings and Eric Morris and … Read more

Baba Brooks

One Eyed Giant – Ska Beat 1965 Baba Brooks was born Oswald F. Brooks and was a Ska trumpeter. He started out playing for Jamaican big bands before joining Byron Lee’s Band who were Island Records house band. Of course, no self respecting musician in Jamaica could have ignored the Skatalites and he played with … Read more