Boris Pickett

Bobby Pickett - Monster Mash [HD]

MONSTER MASH – London 1962

Bob `Boris’ Picket – Early days, and many records were played at the original to become soul scene clubs, even so this totally brilliant and funny .

Born  11th February 1940 – Georgetown, Texas

Died  25th April 2007 – Los Angeles

Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett specialised in the ever popular novelty records which always got played even among blues and soul tracks in the original Manchester ‘Beat Clubs’ . This totally brilliant and funny record had and still does have wide appeal and followers.

“I Was Working In The Lab Late Last Night When I Beheld A Terrible Sight…”

Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett

Darlene Love and The Blossoms did the backing vocals on Monster Mash.

Boris Pickett – Wikipedia

Apparently, it has also become a movie:

Boris Picket