Bobby Goldsboro – Too Many People

Voodoo Woman , Bobby Goldsboro , 1965

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Too Many People

What, are we crazy? Bobby Goldsboro a Soul artist? Well now, just this one was identified as a Soul tune by the 70’s Northern Soul scene, and it reaches 396 on Kev Roberts Top 500. It has to be said, in our opinion, it’s just a little bit too cheesy – if you want to hear something a bit better, try Voodoo Woman – at least it’s got that New Orleans type vibe. And as for Honey – don’t get us started!

Bobby Goldsboro LP
Bobby Goldsbro

His big hits: Summer The First Time and Honey are gushy, cheesy mawkish pop songs so you can guess why we on the first Soul scene avoided Bobby like the plague.

However…he WAS played at The Twisted Wheel! The song – Voodoo Woman. So, there was a connection after all!

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