James ‘Big Sambo’ Young and the House Wreckers

Big Sambo and the Housewreckers

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At The Party – SA import ERIC
The Rains Came

Born 3rd August 1937 – Beaumont, Texas

Died 10th June 10 1983 – Port Arthur, Texas

James ‘Big Sambo’ Young and the House Wreckers came from Texas and was a saxophonist and band leader. He appeared on TV in the late fifties on a dance programme – KPAC TV in Port Arthur.

James 'Big Sambo'

Unfortunately, his name caused problems in the sixties pretty much as it would today. He recorded The Rains Came in 1960 with the House Wreckers and sold over 500,000 copies. He is also reputed to have appeared in a film with Vincent Price but we are not sure which one yet.


SOLID 14-cut R&B comp: repeats “At The Party” by BIG SAMBO from the above LP, but the other 13 are: CAROLL PEGUES Don’t Monkey With Somebody Else’s Monkey/Rhythm Feet/JESSE JOHNSON Cute Little Girl/JOE ALLEN Baby Baby Baby/EL-DEROC-KS Back Room/JUNE BAILEY Louisiana Twist/SAM SAMSON Squeeze Me Pretty Mama/NEW MASON DIXONS Totalled/ BILLY CUNNINGHAM My Baby/ALLEY KATS Alley Kats/ plus 3 more.