Big Mama Thornton

‎(1965) Blues by Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog and Down Home Shakedown

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Little By Little
HOUND DOG – 1952

Yes I Cried

Rockin Robin

Little By Little was first cut by Willie Mae –  Big Mama Thornton – later by the Rolling Stones. She also did the original version of “Hound Dog”.  Always favouring originals, it was the Big Mama Thornton version which was played at the Manchester Twisted Wheel. Elvis was played too, by the DJ who was a fan of Rock and Roll, but as it was a Mod club, associations with Rock and Roll meant acknowledging the Mods’ enemies the Rockers, so anything Rock And Roll had to be surreptitiously introduced.

Ball & Chain was done by Janis Joplin in the early seventies.

Hound Dog (Lieber and Stoller)

This was the original – three years later to be recorded by Elvis.
The Story goes that Mike Stoller went to Europe and his ship sank. he was rescued and met at the New York Docks by Jerry Lieber shouting that Hound Dog was a number one hit.. “wow” said Mike.. “It’s taken around three years for Big Mama to get there”, “No, no” shouts Jerry “it’s been done by some kid I never heard of called Elvis” – Lieber & Stoller

Born   11th December 1926 – Montgomery, Alabama

Died  25th July 1984 (heart failure)

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