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Bessie Banks - Go Now

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GO NOW (Red Bird 1964 and re-released on Soul City 68) originally by Bessie Banks was first released by the Moody Blues in the UK in early 1964 and it rapidly became a number 2 top ten hit. It  would probably have been number one if the Beatles had not held that position.

The original was released in the USA on Tiger and in the UK on RED BIRD in 1964 (BC 106) but it was swamped by the cover version.

The Moody Blues appeared at the Twisted Wheel club in Manchester the week they released the record and gave an excellent performance. The supporting act was a group called The Others – can’t remember what they were like and they seem to have disappeared off the radar.

Bessie Banks’ original version is an exceptional recording. However, the Moody Blues did make a very good cover, although dyed in the wool soul fans preferred the original at the time.

Bessie Banks Go Now was a massive hit at Manchester‘s soul club venues whilst everywhere else you would only hear the Moody Blues. At Manchester’s Blue Note club we played her 1967 track I Can’t Make It Without You, but it never caught on until years later to re-surface at Wigan Casino.

She did another really great track in 1976 “The Best Is Yet To Come” which is loved to this day on the Northern Soul Scene: quite right, its FABULOUS!

In 1963 Bessie released  Do It Now / (You Should Have Been A) Doctor USA Spokane label

In 1964 At RED BIRD / Tiger Records Go Now / It Sounds Like My Baby‘and Blue Cat. Tiger and Blue Cat were both under the Red Bird banner.

In 1966 Go Now  was re-released on Soul City label

In 1967 Bessie Banks joined Verve Records and released I Can’t Make It (Without You Baby) / Need You.

1971/2 Volt  Ain’t  No Easy Way / Try To Leave Me If You Can.

1976 Baby You Sure Know How To Get To Me. / Try To Leave Me If You Can (Betcha Can’t Do It).

And the beautifully put together:

1976 – Don’t You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come – BRILLIANT

I Can’t Make It Without You – Fabulous!

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