Bernard Purdie

Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie - Funky Donkey.

Watcha See Is Watcha Get (1971)
Funky Donkey Time (uk: Direction 1968)

Although he contributed to many great soul tracks, the drumming of Bernard Purdie was sought after in many music genres including jazz – he played for both Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong. He is not beyond causing controversy and his claims that he was uncredited on some of the Beatles tracks, replacing Ringo Starr, have never been verified.

Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie
Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie

Funky Donkey Time was one of those tracks that was played regularly at The Blue Note but very few other places. And we also played “The Funkey Chicken” too by Mr Thomas. Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie was the session drummer on many, many soul tracks of the sixties and worked with most of the greats including James Brown, King Curtis and was Aretha Franklin’s music director until 1975.

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