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Beach Music is the USA catalogue genre of music that includes much soul and R n B Beach Music Beach Music, some times called Carolina beach music, is the USA catalogue ‘genre’ of music includes much soul and R & B. The category would include many tracks that referred to as Northern Soul in the UK. It is also associated with the peculiarly US dance phenomenon known as The Shag. If you can’t Shag to it, then it isn’t Beach Music!

The Beach Music Anthology cd listing is fairly representative of the tracks considered to be beach.

The Beach Music Anthology

Tracks Include many soul classics:

1. Green Eyes

2. I Do Love You – Billy Stewart

3. Searching for My Love – Bob Moore

4. Entertainer – Tony Clarke

5. Ain’t No Big Thing – The Radiants

6. Tell Mama – Etta James

7. There Is – The Dells

8. Something Old, Something New

9. Rescue Me – Fontella Bass

10. Fat Boy – Billy Stewart

11. That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) – Cash McCall

12. Anna (Go to Him) – Arthur Alexander

13. Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) – Chuck Jackson

14. Behold – Bob Meyer

15. Pushover – Etta James

16. Voice Your Choice – The Radiants

17. Wear It on Our Face – The Dells

18. Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love) – The Swingin’ Medallions

19. Summertime – Billy Stewart

20. You’ll Miss Me (When I’m Gone) – Fontella Bass

21. Smoky Places

22. Sitting in the Park – Billy Stewart

23. Club Savoy

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