Floyd James and the GT’s

Just when you thought the sound of the sixties was well and truly over, a group like this comes along. An authentic sound with no compromise. And just wait till you hear the Harp Player!!!

Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes are a soul/blues band incorporating a real soulful sound. Comparisions have been made between the vocalist Brittney Howard and Janis Joplin but her voice is softer but still conveys the same heartfelt emotion. She has a look of […]

The Sonics

This band just goes on and on. Originally formed in 1960 in Tahoma USA, they have many reformations and released a new album, This is The Sonics in 2015. They have had multiple changes in line-up but are still producing […]

Blue Note DJ

A DJ and an empty dance-floor, its just before the club opens. There are two mod girls in the cloak room to take the overcoats of the punters coming down the stairs. I put on a slow record onto one […]

Bonnie Floyd

I'm Just A Poor Boy Sounding a bit like a Sam & Dave style song. GREAT Though! And again its the great Sir Shambling who gives us the information about this guy.