Amboy Dukes

Mod - AMBOY DUKES - Turn Back To Me - POLYDOR 56149 UK 1967 Psych Beat Soul Dancer

Polydor BM56149 1966
 Turn Back To Me/ I Never Complain About You Polydor BM56172 1967
 All I Need/ Doing The Best I Can Polydor BM56190 1967
 High life In Whitley Wood Pt1 and 2 Polydor BM56228 1968
 Judy In Disguise/ Who’s Foolin’ Who Polydor BM56243 1968
 Simon Says/ The Marquis Polydor BM56281 1968
 He Came To Me Yesterday/ Easy Going Me

Amboy Dukes: UK Group from Nottingham. The British Amboy Dukes – UK Blues/Soul/Pop group – appeared at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester in the Sixties. They weren’t that bad, actually.

The USA Amboy Dukes (Ted Nugent) AV: Were you aware there was a group in England called the Amboy Dukes that in late 1967 recorded a cover of John Fred and the Playboy Band’s “Judy in Disguise” on a compilation album for the British Polydor label?

TN: I had never heard their music, but I knew there was a black R&B band from England. I didn’t think it was of any consequence.

American Group:

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