Alvin Robinson

ALVIN ROBINSON - DOWN HOME GIRL [Red Bird 10-010] 1964

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DOWN HOME GIRL – Red Bird Records 1964

Never finding real fame, Alvin Robinson was a great R ‘n B singer. This song, words and lyrics, has to be one of our favourite R&B tracks of all time.

The Rolling Stones covered Down Home Girl on one of their early LP’s. However, – it was done originally by the Coasters.

It was the B side of Fever (originally recorded by Little Willie John, but a major international hit for Peggy Lee who copied it in 1958/9).

Alvin Robinson
Red Bird Records

His early recordings were on the Imperial label, then he did a version of Chris Kenner‘s Something You Got/Searchin. The B side was a version of the Coasters hit and Alvin had a minor hit with it (USA).

Born in New Orleans in 1937. His first successful release was on Tiger records USA, a subsidiary label owned by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller. They moved Alvin to Red Bird for his next release; ‘Fever’/ ‘Down Home Girl’. Down Home Girl was the ‘b’ side and played more often at UK soul clubs, as Fever by Little Willie John would take precedence on a DJ’s play list, due to the fact that these clubs (Wheel/Blue Note) preferred originals. That said, Alvin’s version of Fever is extremely good.

He played on Dr John Gumbo album.

Song Lyrics – Down Home Girl – Leiber and Butler (The Coaster’s version is somewhat different…)

Lord I swear the perfume you wear
Was made out of turnip greens
And everytime I kiss you girl
It tastes like pork and beans
Even though you’re wearin’ them
Citified high heels
I can tell by your giant step
You been walkin’ through the cotton fields
Oh, you’re so down home girl

Everytime you Monkey child
You take my breath away
And everytime you move like that
I gotta get down and pray
Don’t you know that dress of yours
Was made out of fiberglass
And everytime you move like that
I gotta go to Sunday mass
Oh, you’re so down home girl
Oh, you’re so down home girl

I’m gonna take you to the muddy river
And push you in
Just to watch the water roll on Down over your velvet skin
I’m gonna take you back to New Orleans
Down in Dixieland
I’m gonna watch you do the second line
With an umbrella in your hand
Oh, you’re so down home girl
I’m with ya baby
You’re so down home
Ow! Yeah, too much
Outta sight
You’re so down home girl