The Twist

Chubby Checker - The Twist (Official Music Video)

The Twist: Immortalised by Mr Chubby Checker and in 1962 danced by everyone –  Mums Dads, Kids and Grandads and it still makes a showing at most family weddings. However, it was Hank Ballard who did the original. The Twist was a very big dance craze even in stuffy old England of the early 1960’s. Even today, at every wedding, someone will start doing the twist usually followed by several others who would be better off remaining in their seats.

When I was twelve I went on a school trip to Paris. We stayed in a girl’s boarding school as it was their school holidays. There was ‘Le Twist Club’ in one of the school rooms but it was Johnny Hallyday’s French version of the twist which was played non stop.


In France it became a phenomenon.

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