Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye, Al Green,Rose Royce, The Temptations, Phyllis Hyman : 70'S SOUL

If you had one LP by Marvin Gaye in the 1960s it was most likely to be ‘THE MOODS OF MARVIN GAYE’.

All his tracks (apart from the later ones after 1969) were featured at the Twisted Wheel Allnighters and also at the Blue Note Club in Manchester. Marvin Gaye tracks are at the core of the Soul music played in the 1960s and built up the sounds recognised by imitators who recorded lots of Tamla Motown sound-alike tracks, some good some bad and later known as Northern Soul.

Then in the 70’s he continued to make ground-breaking magnificent music.

Marvin had a sad life – ‘Nightlife’ seems to portray his inner feelings. He was a number one Soul Brother for all those who went to soul clubs in the UK in the 1960’s. His life and times, loves and hates are well documented by others –  we don’t intend to duplicate this information and it can all be found on the related links at the end of this document.

Then in the 80’s DJay Chris King got into the Motown vaults and found this one which is placed at 438 on Kev Roberts Top 500:

Born 2nd April 1939

Died 1st April 1984

Cause of Death Shot dead by his father

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