Little Eva

Little Eva - Loco-motion(1962)

Would You Like To Swing On A Star– 1963
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby – 1962
The Locomotion – 1962

Little Eva was the baby sitter for Carole King and Gerry Goffin – they were so taken her they wrote Locomotion and Keep Your Hands Off My Baby for her.

She also did a duet ‘answering vocals’ on the Big Dee Erwin record WOULD YOU LIKE TO SWING ON A STAR.

Little Eva

She is best known for the LOCOMOTION a classic dance number.

Little Eva had another significant hit – KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BABY (London 1962).

The Locomotion was eternally popular at Manchester‘s soul clubs. Often at the Twisted Wheel allnighters the Locomotion dance would end up as a train conga with lines of people synchronising their arms like a train wheel connecting shaft and moving along with sideways stepping. Such innocent fun.

The Chiffons had a huge hit with One Fine Day written by Carol King. Little Eva’s vocals were removed and the Chiffons replaced her over the original baking track, I bet she was furious?

Born 29th June 1943 – Bellhaven, North Carolina

Died 10th April 2003

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