Jungfrau Club Manchester – Sixties Dance Club

The Jungfrau Club , Cathedral Street, Manchester

The most famous place in Manchester as far as my friends and I were concerned was Harry Hall’s bike shop. Harry had managed the British team in the Tour de France, and helped, but failed to save the life of Tom Simpson.

A few doors along was the Jungfrau Club but most of the Twisted Wheel mods  would never be seen dead there and we kept our distance. It was Ellis Brigham’s ‘Jungfrau’ coffee bar, associated with his outdoor/climbing shop and situated behind Manchester Cathedral.

I have to beg to differ here. What Dave didn’t know, being a Twisted Wheel ‘in crowd’ mod was that the Jungfrau definitely had a better class of woman than most of the clubs in Manchester at the time. I remember seeing Screamin’ Lord Sutch and the Savages performing on New Year’s Eve 1963 – they were a riot, right down to the leopard skin leotards that they wore. They made a grand entrance to `Hall of the Mountain Kings’ and scared the life out of several girls they chased around the club. So not all bad!

Jungfrau – Coffee Dance Club, Cathedral Street Manchester

Whatever happened to Sondra Smith my crush from the bus to school who was a regular at the Jungfrau? It reopened as Time and Place in the late sixties which was a disco and casino, very popular with the celebrities of the day and with Wayne Fontana as the resident DJ.


The Jungfrau Club Manchester – Setlist

The Jungfrau Manchesterbeat